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    Stars:Kevin Costner, Dennis Hopper
    It isn't that bad. In fact, it's quite good. Not $200,000,000 good, but a nice flick nonetheless. That's the best way to describe Waterworld, the most expensive movie in the history of Mankind.

    The story hovers around a world covered in water when a comet melts the polar ice caps. Although I don't believe there is enough water contained in the polar caps to raise sea level to such an extent, it is an interesting premise. Kevin Costner plays Mariner, a mutated man with webbed toes and gills. I do not think I need to delve into the storyline, as that's what all the other reviewers do. I am different, but hey, different is good. And so is this movie.

    Quite frankly, it is not worth 200 million coconuts. 100 million, it could get away with. Stargate cost 100 mil and Waterworld is a better movie than Stargate, albeit slightly. Compared to the second-highest costing movie, True Lies, Waterworld is nothing. And True Lies cost only, what, $155 million? Waterworld has some elaborate sets, (well, only two, the rest of the movie is water) but, fortunately, the movie doesn't rely on these sets. Instead, it blows the shit out of them. I enjoyed this movie. And, if you pay no attention to the enormous cost, you should too.

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